Saturday, 17 November 2018


Our teachers are continuing to fight for better work conditions - check out that blue and red banner that we painted in support of Ms Cooper!
We support you teachers!

We are back to school after the teachers went on strike and we are getting on with our usual
programme. Our whole class warm up "Flick through the journal" activity is great fun.
Without looking at the contents page we  have 10-20 seconds to flick through our Journals  to locate different genres when our teacher calls out poem, play, narrative, procedural writing etc
We also discuss the the differences between fiction and non fiction texts and the features of the different genres.
We are very confident with this now except for a couple of us who still require peer and teacher support.

Yes it is time to complete our observation notes and discussions of our last science experiment.

We are learning to make predictions and detailed observations on the following:
1. What will happen when oil is poured into a bottle of water?

2. What will happen when food colour is added to the bottle of water and oil?

3. What will happen when we drop a soluble berocca tablet into this bottle of water?

The terminology we discuss are terms like - predict, detailed, observation, soluble, dissolve,
molecule, atoms, carbon dioxide, polar molecule, non polar molecule

The science explanation and discussions at the end is just as exciting as the actual experimenting and observation stage. Writing what we observe is good but we still wanted to know WHY the oil didn't mix with water, WHY the food colour only mix with water and not oil, WHY the berocca tablet dissolve and create bubbles.

Even Ms Manuel has her own bottle because she also wants to know.

Mr Vasau walks in just as we are starting the experiment and he asks if some of us can come to his office after the experiment to show him our lava lamps and share our learning.

We all know that we need 70% of oil and 20% of water in the bottle to create a proper lava lamp. Next week our teacher will be bringing a big bottle of oil to show the whole class how a proper lava lamp is created. The individual ones we have are for the investigations only.

Physical education is one of our favourite subjects. Our focus this term is on 'Small Ball Skills"
This is us making our activities a little more fun and competitive by trying to display good sportsmanship, apply skills correctly and with speed.

Balancing, throwing, catching, bouncing, dribbling and hitting a small ball is definitely much more difficult compared to large balls. 

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