Saturday, 3 November 2018


When it is wet day lunch, we are stuck indoors but we make use of every minute of our free time.
We are extending our thinking here by trying out a construction activity.
Some of us prefer to use our wet lunch times to go into the world of colours and details to relax our brains.

We absolutely love adult colouring sheets - they have lots of details and patterns.

 One of our students Motekiai Fangaloka moved with his family to a full primary school.
His family wants to keep their children together in one school until they get to high school.
All the best Motekiai, we all miss you - here are a few of your work to remind us of you always.

                                                        Motekiai this quote is for you:

Don’t stop learning 
“Take a piece of the school with you. Over time you will have absorbed not only information, knowledge and skills, but also an institution’s values, culture and history. Take that experience and use it to make a difference in the world.” 
Kieran McLaughlin, headmaster, Durham School

Our learning continues even though we have to commit to our practises for our performances next Wednesday.

Often we overlook or lack understanding of the significance of Kapahaka in Aotearoa.
 Following this fantastic performance by the students of Ilminister Intermediate, we discussed how Kapahaka contributes to New Zealand.
Kapahaka is one of the gateways into understanding the culture of our Tangata Whenua, the Māori people. It also acts as a vehicle for the revitalisation and retention of te reo, tikanga, ritual processes and histories. Kapahaka makes a significant contribution to New Zealand’s national identity and how we are represented and viewed internationally. The haka that is performed just before a rugby game is increasingly becoming very popular and that is only a mini portion of the vast content of what kapahaka is.

 Awesome performance Ilminister Intermediate!!

An opportunity to sit back, listen, observe and learn from the best speech finalists of Whakapono.
This will be us next year and what a great way to start learning the techniques of how to deliver a great speech.

Congratulations to the students and the teachers of Whakapono.
Thank you for allowing us to come and extend our learning.

"Sharing Our Taonga"

We are enjoying and watching the performances by the other buddy classes. 
We are rehearsing our performances
in preparation for the whole school show next Wednesday.
It will be great if a lot of our parents can attend.

To all the readers of our blog, thank you for your time and interest,
ka kite ano!


  1. LOVED your blog post this week, Tumanako 25! So informative! Wet days can be so challenging, but by the photos, I am proud to see the students of Tumanako 25, settled and being proactive in engaging activities on these days! I really enjoyed reading about the significance of 'Kapa Hapa' to Aotearoa. Thank you for teaching me today! Also, I have enjoyed watching you and your buddy class, practising your item for our Performance show next week. Thank you for blogging this special event happening soon.

  2. Thank you Miss B and for all your work towards this amazing school performance. It is not easy as we know but you have been amazing in that role.
    Looking forward to Wednesday and yes we will definitely blog about it.

  3. love the photos of my book miss you guys and thank you
    for the board you guys gave me

    love motekiai

  4. Oh hi Motekiai, great students like you are always sorely missed. We are glad you didn't mind us showing some of your wonderful book work.
    Take care of yourself and continue to work hard.

    Love Tumanako 25