Saturday, 27 October 2018


A fabulous show to watch. This play was thoroughly enjoyed by all our students.
King George has lost the plot! In his never-ending quest to build bigger palaces, giant walls and enormous statues of himself he has raised the Land Far Far Away tax rate to 101%!

When even the bravest of Knights are too scared to stand up to him, the Land Far Far Away cries out for a hero to put a stop to the madness of the King.
Luckily their cries are heard by a mysterious red hooded figure with a bow and arrow, a basket of goodies and some very unlikely ‘Big Bad’ backup.
This play definitely challenged our students to think about traditional gender roles, bravery and standing up for what's right.

 Reading and other learning continues as well.

We also have to put some time towards our end of the year performance. We are almost there - well done Tumanako 10 and 25.


  1. Malo Ni #Tumanako25 ... your blog is awesome! Thank you for sharing about the amazing opportunities we have at @RowandaleSchool and thank you for sharing your awesome photos of the Play ... Fakafetai Lahi lele

  2. Great to see photos of the show that I had missed on Friday. Thank you for sharing with the community and us about this event that took place. I love it how the learning continues in T25 ... very important kids, so KEEP UP the AMAZING learning that you are doing!

  3. hello love the photos miss u guys so much from motekiai :)

  4. Oh hello Motekiai, we miss you so much. Hope you have received your books and that you are continuing to work hard.
    I have written some farewell comments in your books too. Hope you will settle in and be happy at your new school- from all of us in T25.