Sunday, 16 September 2018


Rowandale Educators are advocates and supporters of the teaching of Te Reo Maori in classrooms.


Enjoying the Maori Language Opening Ceremony.

Tumanako 25 Boys helping with the opening - Leyon C and Cullen I.

Daniel I preparing his basic facts prism. We are using these to revise our numbers in Maori Language too.

Payton D is catching up with everyone else.

We are in groups sharing different ways of using our Basic Facts prisms.

Our Basic Facts prisms are ready to be used during our maths warm up sessions.

Ms Cooper's gift for helping out with a University student's research this week.

Another very important part of this week's programme is to complete our WRITING Assessments.

 Tumanako is  also going on a trip to the zoo. The Year 3 students are going this week and it is our turn next week. We are meeting to go over our trip organisation. We can't wait.

Miss Davis in Room 27 is sharing what she knows about the Maori carving and her gift from one of her Maori parents.

We have just finished making our Maori headbands for the celebration assembly on Friday.

Then it is time to access Mathletics to work on some maths problems.

Our reading programme continues as normal, we are reading our group readers and then we do a review.
Where is the story taking place? Who are the characters? What happened at the beginning, middle and at the end of the story?

The students are helping to make a korowai each for our Team Manager, Team leader and our Year 4 teachers for the Celebration assembly.

Working as a team to cut and glue strips for the korowai.

We love the Maori designs on our headbands.

Tresemme is very proud to exhibit her beautiful korowai that her Nena made.

The Maori Celebration assembly begins.

We are enjoying the Aroha Team's performance.

Enjoying the Maori Choir's singing.

These girls are amazing with their poi skills.

These boys can perform the Maori haka so well.

We are trying out the Maori action song - Ma is White' - it is great fun.

Tumanako 25
Our Maori Proverb this week.

Toi tu te kupu, toi tu te mana, toi tu te whenua
Hold fast to our language, hold fast to our spirit, hold fast to our land

Learning the greetings, days of the week, colours, parts of the body etc is fun but one of our highlights
this week is our shared story " Kapahaka" We changed the characters names to Whaea Lois and Whaea Sonya to make it more interesting and closer to home.


  1. Pai rawe atu nga tamariki katoa. Loved looking at these beautiful pictures. Thanks heaps kids.

  2. FANTASTIC WEEK 8 BLOG, Tumanako 25! EXTREMELY PROUD of LEYON & CULLEN for being representatives on behalf of the whole school during our 'Opening ceremony' whole school assembly on Monday. YOU both certainly did all the YEAR 4 PROUD! I was also impressed with Tresemme who dressed up in Maori attire throughout the week to stand PROUD for her heritage... and looked BEAUTIFUL! I did blog about it kids, and again, want to say THANK YOU for the beautiful Korowai that you specially made for me to wear at our 'Closing ceremony' on Friday. I felt very special!!!!