Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Every morning we get straight into learning our spelling and words we need to know to help us with our reading and writing.
When it is maths time, one of or maths groups is assigned to use computers to do Mathletics. We love using this software to
help us with our numbers.

This is one of the teaching groups in maths, we have two each day. We are using our THINKING BOARDS here to write out the word problem, work out whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide and then show 2 different strategies of how to work out the answer. We share our thinking with the teacher and the rest of the group after we have tried it out ourselves or with a buddy. If we get stuck the teacher helps us with our strategies.

Whenever we work hard and we are engaging very well in our tasks for a long period, our teacher gives us a 3-5 minute activity to help us stretch. We call these BRAIN BREAK activities. Our favourite is 'Silent Ball' but here is another alternative - we are jogging around our track in preparation for our 'Cross Country' event in Week 10.

We are gluing in our homework sheets and going through the expectations before we put these in our bags.
We have home readers to choose from every week as part of our homework.

We also have spelling lists to take home to learn.

This week we are writing about our male role models, most of us are writing about our fathers and draw pictures of them too.

Lilly Plows is drawing a picture of her father Mr Plows. Lilly is most impressed with her Dad for volunteering to coach Tumanako's netball teams.
We welcome a new girl in our class 'Metuatane Paulo'. Metuatane is settling in very well in our class and she is trying to follow our class routines.
On Tuesday morning we went to Room 15 for our Digital Ignition workshop with Alfie Prasad. It is exciting to learn new ideas in technology.
We are working in groups and taking turns to use the Ipads.
It is Friday and we are wearing yellow because it is Daffodil Day. We are donating gold coins and we get daffodil flowers to wear in support of the fundraising for the Cancer Society Research.

We are ending the week with the Duffy Assembly. We are  presenting our Father's Day  item today.

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