Sunday, 24 June 2018


Cullen Ikitule proudly sharing his findings of the planet 'Saturn' His information cards are laminated and are ready to be attached.

Amelia Whiting talking about the materials she chose to create her rocket. Other students asks questions like; " So how will you make it blast off into the sky?" "Will your rocket last long even if it's going to rain and it gets wet?"

Leyon Caffery happily talks about the material he chose for his rocket and why. Others gave him feedback like" Your rocket will look really great if you paint it and give it a name" " You should try using rubber bands or a blown up balloon to send off your rocket into the sky"

Every Thursday we reflect on our WALT (We Are Learning To) in different subject areas, we make self evaluations, we get our buddies to give us feedback, the teacher adds her feedback and then we all have a clear picture as to what we should be doing next.
Here are Siala Tulafono, Izayah Smith Tapiata and Niva Nipurahi sharing how they are doing with their learning of the high frequency words. They know they must know these words to improve their spelling, writing and reading.
Siala confidently shares that he is working hard on learning his List 3 words and he is determined to move on to Essential Words List 4 soon.

Working collaboratively on ideas on how to design a rocket using the most suitable materials. Let's reflect back to the properties of the materials that we tested - will paper, plastic, foil, cardboard, metal, wood or ceramics be best to use? Why or why not?

At times we stop and ask our buddies for ideas. Motekiai Fangaloka and Siala Tulafono are deeply engaged.

Joe Pratt reading and trying to apply the reading strategies he has learned to answer comprehension questions correctly.
Q: Did the puppy know where he was going when he ran away? Joe: No. Q: How do you know that? Joe: The author didn't say the puppy didn't know where he was going in the story but I know because the author wrote, the puppy was lost and the puppy was going to where the voices and the light were.
Joe's group has been learning to 'make inferences' for reading: ie. Even if information is not stated in the story, we can still look back at other given information for clues to work out answers to some why and how questions.
Well done Joe!

Making the most of our last swimming session with the  Community Swimming Instructors.

Look at us with our relaxed, straight and stretched out slimline bodies moving swiftly in the water.

It is always great to get together with the rest of the Tumanako classes for our usual end of the week fortnightly assemblies.


  1. FANTASTIC week 8 blog Tumanako 25!! Absolutely LOVE the photos showing the inquiry learning around Space. I am super impressed with the opportunities given to you kids to provide feedback to each other regarding yours and their learning that has taken place. Full credit to you all for this! Keep this up!

  2. Thank you #Tumanako25 for sharing your blog about you amazing learning week at @RowandaleSchool ... your photos are amazing and I love your Collaborative work when creating rockets!