Sunday, 10 June 2018


We are trying to make the most of our swimming sessions with the swimming instructors at the Manurewa Recreation Centre - we have two more sessions to go.

A kick board is a great addition to an advanced workout. Not only does it keep me afloat but it also allows me to isolate my leg muscles and therefore I can focus on form and technique for various swim strokes.

Students using the hundreds chart to find relationships between numbers. For example, 42 is the number 10 more than 32, and so 42 is directly below 32 on the hundreds chart. Likewise the number 33 is next to 32, and it is 1 more than 32.

The sheer pleasure we receive as artists when the teacher actually persuades us  to dip into the paint - can you tell from the expression on our faces?

A display of planet VENUS with surrounding facts - well done Jesslyn Faitua - Savea for this extra research for homework.

Checking on where we are at with our high frequency words in reading - we must work harder to know how to read, spell and understand these to be able to improve in all areas of literacy.

 Wow! Bubblegum Dancing group- you are a very creative and an amazing dancing group. All the best with your trips around the globe. We totally love your awesome moves.Thank you Rowandale for organising this small break away from our classroom.


  1. Great week 6 blog, Tumanako 25. Great to see you participating in the essential swimming lessons. I loved the activity that Niva was doing regarding 'Finding relationships between numbers'... great resource that large hundreds mat. I was SUPER IMPRESSED with the model and research around the planet 'Venus'. Congratulations to Jesslyn Faitua for awesome research and presentation. Keep up the amazing learning!

  2. Thanks #Tumanako25 for sharing about your busy week at @RowandaleSchool - #SwimmingLessons #Mathematics #VisualArt #Dance #Science

  3. WOW! What an excellent week #Tumanako25. That swimmer in the photo is really clever, I hope they can teach me how to do that.
    I also really liked your planet Venus display and research, that is so cool. I also enjoyed the Bubblegum dance crew, hopefully I will get to see some of you in the future dancing like them and travelling the world.

  4. Proud of you Jesslyn. Awesome blog Team Tumanako. Keep up the amazing work. ☺

  5. 👍 Proud of you jessy. Future scientist!!