Saturday, 2 June 2018


Our Samoan Language Week opening ceremony. 

So proud of our Rowandale students show casing their Bi-lingual skills - ours leaders of tomorrow.

Niva in T25 trying to make wise choices in class and outside the classroom - well done!

Our lovely Team Leader Miss Barn- Graham acknowledging all our Tumanako ambassadors.

We are all very proud of our Year 3 and Year 4 Ambassadors
Siala getting on with his learning. Thank you for leading our Samoan prayers in class this week - very proud of you.

One of the highlights this week is our session on "How to Make 'Koko Alaisa' 
Jesslynn is crating our cocoa.

 Great to work with our Buddy Class Tumanako 10. We are waiting for our turn to work and observe in the kitchen.

 Reading and learning about how to make "Koko Alaisa'

         Great to see groups sharing and discussing what they know with their buddies.
It is the first time for most of us to work in the staffroom. It is so cool in here.

 This Samoan 'koko' smells beautiful.
Amelia giving our 'Koko Alaisa' another stir just before it is served.
 Ending our Samoan Language Week with a blast - our students starting the fiafia with the Samoan National Anthem.
 BOT Chairperson Pastor James addressing Rowandale School.
 Fabulous items from various classes around the school.
 Whaea Lois thanking our parents and inviting them to the staffroom for shared lunch.
 Coordinator of Samoan Language Week Mr Ikitule roving and ensuring everything is running well.
What a wonderful family atmosphere - students, parents and teachers getting together for a kai as the SLW come to an end.

 Then it is time to return to class to complete our Samoan Art work.
 Feeling proud in our Samoan attire today.
 We also want to acknowledge our Samoan teacher in Tumanako 26, Mrs Uelese for her opening speech at the Celebration Assembly and for teaching us the song - "We Are Samoa"

Tumanako 25 would also like to thank Mrs Whiting for the chocolate necklaces and everyone else who have contributed to our Samoan Language Week. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning Samoan Language and how to cook cocoa rice.

Fa'afetai lava everyone.


  1. Malo Lava #Tumanako25 for sharing about what you did for #VaiasoOLeGaganaSamoa at @RowandaleSchool ... Faafetai Tele Lava

  2. Lovely to see all the Samoan attire. Different dresses and shirts and making of one of the favourites in the the Samoan community, kokoalaisa. ��