Monday, 21 May 2018


Our learning continues as usual - it is reading time.

We are writing thank you cards for some of our Support Staff at Rowandale School.

'Hiwi the Kiwi'- What a fun way of learning about 'Water Safety' and how to care for our 'Kai Moana'

It's Tuesday and we are at Manurewa Recreation Centre for our weekly lessons with the swimming instructors.

We are getting our flutter boards ready for our next water safety technique.

Coming to school everyday is important so we do not miss out on our learning - here are our awards for coming to school everyday last term. 
Park and Walk - what an excellent turn out. 100 students are supportive of this initiative.

We are very grateful to have Support Staff at Rowandale school They help us a lot and so it is an excellent idea to present them with thank you cards on 'Support Staff Day'
We are enjoying the Science Roadshow. There are lots of different exhibitions to read and try out.

We are learning some more about planets and other scientific matters.

I am weighing myself to find out how heavy I am on planet Jupiter
Some of our T25 students joining in with the demonstrations.

Teacher and TA's enjoying all the new scientific information.

Miss B and Tumanako Teachers enjoying the Show

Question and answer activity at the Roadshow.

Tumanako Assembly - these are all of us with 100% full attendance last term.

It is Pink Shirt Friday so we are wearing mufti for a change.


  1. Thank you for sharing amazing photos of your action packed week #Tumanako25 ... thank you for supporting #ParkAndWalkDay and #PinkShirtDay @RowandaleSchool

  2. Wow! Good to see so many children with excellent attendance. And that Science Roadshow looked awesome! Great way to have future scientists coming out of Rowandale. 👌