Saturday, 7 April 2018


WALT: use time connectives like - after, before, afterwards, meanwhile, then, later, eventually, finally, next and once etc to help us put our stories in sequence. Careful reading and thinking is definitely required for this task. Next week we will be doing a lot of proof reading and punctuation activities because our easTTle writing shows this is the area we mostly need help with.
We are very confident with signing in and signing out using our new usernames and passwords now. Reading activities online is great fun. We are all looking forward to improving our reading.

Having a buddy to work with is an excellent idea. We help each other out and we take turns to use our Chrome Books.

Having special visitors from Brisbane this week is exciting because we have chosen Australia as our country of study for our Information Report Writing. We thank our Guest Speakers- Sandy Chiles and Kelsey Chiles for sharing their stories about Australia and the 2018 Commonwealth -  we are so lucky to have extra teachers in our class this week! 

 Finishing Friday with a game of Turbo Touch is a brilliant idea. Thank you Coach Jax for teaching us the skills to play
the game well. 


  1. WOW ... Tumanako 25 was extremely lucky to have special guests from Australia visiting them! What an experience to have teachers spending time with them from another country! I can imagine that they learnt much more about Australia. Great to see an emphasis on improving our writing based on their writing data. Keep it up Tumanako 25!