Monday, 5 March 2018


We take readers home every Monday and regular reading at home is encouraged.
In class we also have daily "Impact Reading" sessions.
This is when we have 10mins of 'Sustained Silent Reading' We are supposed to be totally mesmerised with what we are reading but we are stopping here for a quick pose.

The teacher does "Guided Reading with us daily. She's just stepped out of her chair to take some photos.

We love reading.

This is part of our 'Procedural Writing' lesson. Instead of wearing gloves, we use disinfectant wipes to clean our hands before starting.

We are learning to write instructions on " How to Make a Simple Omelette'

This is fun. We are actually making a simple omellete. Some of us are observing and contributing to discussions.

We are deciding to add the tomatoes instead of cooking them separately.

Wow, that is quick Miss Manuel and Tulips (reading group) but what happened to the photos?

"Yummmm!" says Niva. Now I'm ready to taste this and then write the steps on how to make a simple omelette.


  1. What an awesome topic for procedural writing. Amazing and delicious writing Tuamanako 25.

  2. Wow Tumanako 25 it looks like you have enjoyed making your omelette. Please think of us when you make something next time. From Tumanako 28

  3. I am EXTREMELY PROUD of all the Tumanako 25 students for READING!!! Reading is so important and expands our imaginative thinking, too. Keep reading everyday and enjoy the success that comes with it!
    Where was my yummy omelette, kids???? Poor Miss B missed out :( Hopefully next time, I can have a weeeeeee taste :)