Sunday, 18 March 2018


Hello everyone. Welcome back to our Class Blog. We are with our Buddy Class Tumanako 10. We are practising to dribble and stopping the soccer ball with our feet.

We are just about to end all our relay activities with a fun caterpillar relay but the bell has gone so we must return to class.

Our swimming session on Thursday. Our newest class member Niva Nipurahi willingly demonstrating how to enter and exit the pool correctly.
We are getting ready for our 'Wall Kicking Exercise' This will improve our kicking power and help us become faster in our freestyle swimming. Before we start our flutter kick, our arms must be straight. We will be using the flutter boards next week to continue developing this technique.

We are getting ready to push off, glide across the pool in a prone position and keep practising our flutter kick.

It is quite difficult to try and position our heads, our upper bodies and our lower bodies correctly so that we can float comfortably, but  with lots of practice we know we can do it. 

Collaborative Reading - we are helping each other to read and understand what we are reading.

We ask each other questions, we show each other strategies on how to read unknown vocabulary.
We refer to illustrations whenever the author mentions it in the text - matching text to illustrations.

We are looking at initial, middle and final cues or syllables to work out unknown words.

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