Friday, 14 December 2018


Cleaning, sorting and packing up must be done by Friday this week.

For some of us, learning must continue.

We are having a break here from our study of poems. It is nearly Christmas so we are preparing cards for our families.

It is our last time to use the school swimming pool this year.

We continue to use flutter boards to practice our free style techniques.
Swimming is our very first event for our 'Treat Day' rotation.

This is one of our favourite activities at school. 

This is our last Whole School Assembly and it is time to say goodbye to all our Year 6 students, Mr Vasau, Miss B and other teachers and teacher aides who are leaving to study

We are so sad to say goodbye to Leyon Caffery who is leaving us for Dilworth School, he's on the stage receiving his very last Rowandale Award.

Whakapono - the hosts of this last school assembly for 2018.

Whaea Lois speaking on behalf of all the teachers and students to farewell Mr Vasau who is going to be  away on study leave and also Miss Barns Graham who will be working with RTLB next year.

More certificates and awards are given out to our hard working students.

Our furniture is packed away and now it is time to relax and watch a good movie before we say our farewells. Leyon is dishing out our goodies to enjoy while we watch a movie. Have a great Christmas everyone and thank you for visiting our T25 blog, see you all again when we come back as Year 5 students!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2018


We are in the hall for our very last practise for the Prize Giving assembly.

One of our Year 4 teachers is graduated this week - well done Miss Khadim T28.

We also have to acknowledge Miss Khadim at our Tumanako assembly.

It is finally the big day, we have been waiting for this special "Prize Giving' assembly. Here are some of our friends from Whakapono who will be leaving us this year.

Working hard all year has paid off, seven of us are awarded the PRIDE awards! Everyone else are also awarded certificates in class for their effort and achievements. 

The recipient of the overall Year 4 academic achiever 2018  is from our class- Patsi Rangiuia Neke- congratulations!

We are enjoying our shared lunch this week. We're going to start packing away all our rubbish and start taking old art work off the walls.

Our week ends with a surprise visit from a friend in Room 27. Jeremiah shares with Ms Cooper a beautiful poem he wrote about her . How nice of you Jeremiah to put a smile on our teacher's face!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


This is our last week to go over our Prize Giving organisation.
Ms Cooper is so proud with the way we are singing and sitting up during our Prize Giving practise.

We are working hard on our 'Mathletic levels now. We are proud winners of the 'Reading Eggs' trophy this week - thank you Mr Naidoo.
Reading activities will still continue until the second to the last day of this year.

Thank you 'Milk in Schools' - we are loving our cold milk after a hot lunch playtime.

What a great way to end the day -learning our water survival skills and enjoying the cool water after a long hot day in the sun.

Sunday, 25 November 2018


We have to put aside our Dry Ice experiment  and our writing for later. It is now very important for Tumanako and Whakapono to meet to learn new songs and practice for our Prize Giving Ceremony.

We have learned the welcoming song and now we have to start learning the actions.
Thank you Whaea Emma for helping us.

Mrs Mulipola and Mr Ikitule are guiding us so we know exactly what to do at the actual Prize Giving Day.

Saturday, 17 November 2018


Our teachers are continuing to fight for better work conditions - check out that blue and red banner that we painted in support of Ms Cooper!
We support you teachers!

We are back to school after the teachers went on strike and we are getting on with our usual
programme. Our whole class warm up "Flick through the journal" activity is great fun.
Without looking at the contents page we  have 10-20 seconds to flick through our Journals  to locate different genres when our teacher calls out poem, play, narrative, procedural writing etc
We also discuss the the differences between fiction and non fiction texts and the features of the different genres.
We are very confident with this now except for a couple of us who still require peer and teacher support.

Yes it is time to complete our observation notes and discussions of our last science experiment.

We are learning to make predictions and detailed observations on the following:
1. What will happen when oil is poured into a bottle of water?

2. What will happen when food colour is added to the bottle of water and oil?

3. What will happen when we drop a soluble berocca tablet into this bottle of water?

The terminology we discuss are terms like - predict, detailed, observation, soluble, dissolve,
molecule, atoms, carbon dioxide, polar molecule, non polar molecule

The science explanation and discussions at the end is just as exciting as the actual experimenting and observation stage. Writing what we observe is good but we still wanted to know WHY the oil didn't mix with water, WHY the food colour only mix with water and not oil, WHY the berocca tablet dissolve and create bubbles.

Even Ms Manuel has her own bottle because she also wants to know.

Mr Vasau walks in just as we are starting the experiment and he asks if some of us can come to his office after the experiment to show him our lava lamps and share our learning.

We all know that we need 70% of oil and 20% of water in the bottle to create a proper lava lamp. Next week our teacher will be bringing a big bottle of oil to show the whole class how a proper lava lamp is created. The individual ones we have are for the investigations only.

Physical education is one of our favourite subjects. Our focus this term is on 'Small Ball Skills"
This is us making our activities a little more fun and competitive by trying to display good sportsmanship, apply skills correctly and with speed.

Balancing, throwing, catching, bouncing, dribbling and hitting a small ball is definitely much more difficult compared to large balls. 

Saturday, 10 November 2018


Everyday at 7.30am or 8am, it is preparation time in T25. 
A few of us are allowed in the classroom to help put down chairs and set up our books and other stationery for the day.
Every Monday at 10.40am we meet with our Team Manager Whaea Lois and the teachers of Tumanako to listen to the weekly announcements, give out certificates to address students who have been fantastic with their learning and behaviour and also to redirect some of our students who have not been so good with their display of Rowandale PRIDE values.

 This is one of our banners that we worked on together for our Visual Art presentation at our School
 show 'Sharing Our Taonga'. We studied the Philippines. On the left of this banner is the national flag of the Philippines and on the right are the two Gods from one of the famous Philippine myths and legends 'The Visayan Creation Myth'

Here is the second banner showing the God's four grandchildren. 
We would like to acknowledge Jesslyn Faitua-Avea and Lepupavolasina Melu, the two students 
in our class who contributed the most work shown on these banners.
If you want to know more about this creation myth go to to read the rest of this story.
We shared our learning with our buddy class Tumanako 10 and they also did some work relating to this myth. This is us with our buddy class on the stage in the the hall presenting our work to our parents.

After our show in the hall, we couldn't wait to go back to class. We are integrating our Science and English subjects so we get to do some investigating before recording our detailed observations and findings. The teacher shared with us our learning intentions and here we are, we are starting with our predictions.  WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN IF WE DO NOT ADD BORAX and HOT WATER TO THE REST OF THE SLIME INGREDIENTS?  We found this part quite difficult because it is so easy to write "I don't know'. We found it quite tricky to imagine what will happen if it's not happened yet. Elizabeth is thinking in depth - does it matter if the actual experiment does not turn out the way you predicted? No, what matters is that you are starting to think like a real scientist.

Mmmmmmm/ I wonder what will happen? This is great. I should be able to
write a great  scientific report after this investigation.
We mixed the PVA glue, food colour, glitter, shaving cream, dishwashing liquid, lotion and watched what happened.  This is fun. We get to pour, add, stir, mix, talk, observe and share opinions and views. Go Elizabeth and BLUE group.

Have fun Siala and YELLOW group.

Have fun Tresemme and RED group.

Have fun Louise and PINK group. "Oh wow this is not slime, it is very runny and watery" said Louise.
We kept stirring but we noticed our first ingredients were still very runny and watery. This is not what we were expecting.  So then what WILL happen if borax and hot water solution is added to this mixture? We want some real gooey slime to mould and manipulate by the end of today.
Let's go to lunch and have a break. We can dissolve the borax in hot water and add that solution to this mixture after lunch and see what happens.

We all walked out to play feeling very disappointed.

Then after lunch we came back to class anticipating and thinking what will become of this  experiment. A teaspoon of borax was placed in a cup, the hot water was added, we carefully poured this solution into our group mixture. We started stirring and to our astonishment - wosus oh, oh, oh, oh our mixture is turning into what we were expecting yes! yes! yes! We have slime yaaaay!

 So then of course we had to refer back to our predictions, discussed our observations and we recorded what actually happened.

Thank you Patsi, Miley, Amelia, Cullen and Eliza for dividing the group slime into sixths.
I did hear some of your whispering - this bag has a little bit more in it because it's going to be mine.
Now, now, now that will not be good maths on your part. 
The instruction was -take one whole slime and divide it equally into sixths, how easy is that.
We all had time to have a play with our slime before we we went home happily.